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Monkey Bread

Pistachio, milk chocolate fudge, popping candies, caramel sauce

AED 44

Choco Molten

White chocolate, crunchy chocolate, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce

AED 45
614 CAL

San Sebastian

* Plain Cheesecake
* Strawberry marmalade
* Dairy milk chocolate cheesecake
* Lotus Cheesecake

AED 42
425 CAL

Nutella & S’mores

Nutella mousse, s’mores, nutella sauce

AED 39
430 CAL

Miss Lotus

Lotus cake, salted caramel ice cream, lotus sauce, cotton candy

AED 42
630 CAL


Classic tiramisu with chocolate shaves

AED 34

Mount Fallava

Mississippi mud cake with a trio of Belgium chocolate and a touch of Kinder

AED 41
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